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BSS+ Client Success Story: 

In April when Stacey was enrolled in the BSS+ program, she was pregnant with her daughter Autumn and living at her mother’s home. Her case manager quickly worked to get Stacey on the wait list with Green Doors and made sure she was set up with a crib for when her baby was born.

Autumn was born about a month later and, at the same time, Stacey learned her case manager would be leaving the organization and she would be transferred to a new case manager once that person was hired. Within three months Stacey heard from her new case manager and from Green Doors that a unit was ready for her. By early September, Stacey was moving into her new apartment with three-month-old Autumn.

Nearly another three months passed and, with program support, Stacey and Autumn were stably housed. Stacey has shifted her focus to interviewing for a better paying job and wants to go back to school to work in the nursing field. Stacey sets a wonderful example for her daughter in overcoming adversity and always striving for stability and happiness.

Utilizing BSS+ assistance, the family was helped with rent, household goods and case management, which has offered them greater independence and stability. Stacey continues to receive case management and rental assistance, which gives her a stable base as she finds her path to full independence.