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Any Baby Can and BSS+ Program Working Together

Rosario and her son Jordi were first referred to the BSS+ Program by her Early Childhood Intervention case manager after moving to Texas from El Salvador. Rosario moved to the U.S. in attempt to flee domestic violence. Upon her arrival, Rosario had nowhere to go or any family to help her. She had no place to stay, which forced her to reside at a local shelter for nearly two months.

After interviewing Rosario, ABC enrolled her in the BSS+ Program allowing them to quickly create a plan to help her secure housing, employment and daycare. Rosario was eager to work on these goals immediately. After only one month of working on her plan, Rosario found a full-time job at a local thrift store, moved into a one-bedroom apartment and secured daycare services. With the financial assistance provided by BSS+, Any Baby Can helped Rosario and her son move into a stable home by helping pay for her moving costs.

Rosario is now working full-time and enjoying her new home. As for her son Jordi, he is enjoying his new daycare and making new friends. Rosario reports she could never have accomplished any of this without the help of the BSS+ program and all her ABC case managers along the way. Rosario states she has never felt so much peace and happiness in her entire life until now.