Featured Partner – Foundation for the Homeless

Martha and her children became clients of Foundation for the Homeless after experiencing homelessness and completing an ECHO Coordinated Assessment. From an early age, Martha became a victim of domestic violence, human trafficking and prostitution. She also struggled with addiction and was familiar with the criminal justice system.

At the time of BSS+ enrollment, Martha had two young sons and was six months pregnant.  She was also clean, sober, employed, and very eager and determined to find safe and stable housing. In the past, Martha made several attempts to find housing without any success.  She had a difficult time getting approved due to barriers such as her past criminal history, a large utility debt, and lack of consistent and adequate income.

Moving forward, Martha and her BSS+ case manager worked to create a housing plan and locate safe and sustainable housing options without any success. Martha’s BSS+ case manager collaborated with the ECHO housing team and located a two-bedroom unit  where she was quickly approved.  BSS+ funds were used to secure the unit and to clear old utility debt. Additional BSS+ funds were utilized to provide basic household items for the family upon move in, such as beds and a kitchen table and chairs, making their new place feel like a home. Furthermore, an availability payment was provided by ECHO, essentially reducing Martha’s rent by $200 per month. The next opportunity came for Martha when her BSS+ case manager referred her for a Housing Choice Voucher. Martha received her Section 8 voucher last month, providing the family with ongoing housing stability.

As of today, Martha, her two boys and five-month-old baby girl are enjoying their housing stability and are looking forward to the upcoming holidays in their new home.