Featured Partner – FrontSteps

A client we will call Ben (not his real name) began staying in the first floor of the shelter four years ago. After two and a half years, Ben entered into shelter case management services. Almost six years ago, Ben was hit by a car at which time he suffered knee and hip damage. He is in constant pain, uses a cane, and finds it difficult to earn a living.

Through case management, after a difficult determination process, Ben was approved for SSI benefits. However, immediately after his approval, Ben’s benefits were cancelled. Another person, fraudulently using his identity, began receiving his SSI benefits. After a long legal battle, Ben was finally reclaimed his identity. He reapplied for benefits (using S.O.A.R.), and he is very likely to be approved.

With the change towards a Housing First Model, and with BSS+ funding support, FrontSteps was willing to guarantee Ben’s rent for the length of a yearlong lease. The case manager moved Ben into his “tiny home.” As the case manager and Ben were waiting for a cleaning person to put the final touches on his new home, the case manager began to get anxious. Ben turned to case manager and said, “Why worry about waiting ten or twenty minutes? I’ve been waiting for four years. What’s a little longer matter?”