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BSS+ Client Success Story: LifeWorks: Breanna McMarion

Breanna has been a longtime client of LifeWorks as someone who “aged out” of the foster care system. When she turned 21, she graduated from supportive services provided to former foster youth, and was struggling to maintain her rent as she looked for stable employment.  Breanna enrolled in the BSS+ program in May, 2018 and because of the financial support and staff assistance, she has found increased stability and self-sufficiency in her life.

Breanna and her case manager, Nina, built a financial plan that would allow Breanna to pay for half of her rent while focusing on employment and mental health services.  Because of the stability that BSS+ provided to Breanna, she could renew her lease and gradually become more self-supporting as financial support waned.  Currently, Breanna is stably housed and enrolled in a local community college where she is pursuing a degree in Social Media.