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BSS+ Client Success Story:  SAFE

In the months before Candice came to SAFE, her husband had been violently abusing her. After contacting the SAFEline, she scheduled a meeting with a counselor who quickly recognized that Candice needed to leave her violent home as soon as possible.

As counselors helped Candice develop a safety plan and prepare her for what leaving a violent relationship would look like, an advocate on our Community Resource Advocacy team helped her look for housing and community support services. Before it was possible to find the client a new home, Candice made the brave decision to take her children and move into SAFE’s family shelter.

SAFE advocates enrolled Candice in BSS+ for housing support while our legal team helped her secure custody of her children, child support, and a protective order – which established no contact between her and her husband. With the help of BSS+, we found several properties that worked with her credit and rental history.

A few months ago, Candice received the good news that she was accepted for an apartment! She has since moved out of shelter and into her new home with her children.

With BSS+ assistance, SAFE paid for move-in fees, including the application fee and deposit. She continues to work with her advocate at SAFE to help budget and find resources in her new community so she and her children can get settled and feel a sense of stability and peace.

About SAFE

SAFE is a Central Texas nonprofit committed to providing safety, stability, and healing to anyone who has experienced violence and abuse. Locally, we provide housing, support services, and prevention programs to stop the cycle of violence. Globally, we engage in conversations that shape a culture free from violence and abuse.

About 80% of U.S. mothers with children experiencing homelessness had previously experienced domestic violence. As a result of sexual violence, up to 20% of victims and survivors become homeless. About 27% of Texas’ former foster youth report experiencing homelessness within three years of having aged out of the system.

SAFE’s goal is ambitious and simple: stop abuse for everyone. Learn more about our services, campuses, and locations at safeaustin.org