Featured Partner – Caritas of Austin

BSS+ Client Success Story: 

Oliver was referred to Caritas of Austin after completing an ECHO Coordinated Assessment. For the past several years, Oliver survived in the woods or under bridges, while working on and off at various places. He rode his bicycle and used the bus system when he could obtain a pass.

Several attempts to find Oliver had been made over time, but without a phone he was hard to track down. In January of 2019, the Downtown Homeless Outreach Street Team found Oliver living under the bridge at 15th and Red River. He had recently connected with Pastor Mark at Sunrise Community Church and Homeless Navigation Center, where he visited on a somewhat regular basis, receiving meals and other resources.

Pastor Mark connected Oliver to Caritas of Austin where he soon met his new Housing Stability Case Manager and was enrolled in BSS+. In the next few days, Oliver and his case manager worked to find him safe and stable housing. Since he had recently obtained employment at Cooper’s BBQ and had some income to work with, he and his case manager were off to a very good start. Ten days later, Oliver was signing his lease and moving into his new one bedroom apartment.

Oliver continues to work at Cooper’s BBQ downtown, where his case manager enjoys visiting him. He is very happy and at peace in his new home, which is neatly decorated with furnishings and basic household items. Some of these items were donated from friends, while others were contributed by the BSS+ program. Oliver is grateful for so much, especially “being connected” with Caritas of Austin. In a recent home visit with his case manager, Oliver shared that he’s looking forward to the upcoming football season where he can kick back and enjoy some BBQ, while watching his favorite team, the Dallas Cowboys, play.