Featured Partner – Goodwill Central Texas

Hardworking Woman Went from Homeless to Housed!

Amid the uncertainty 2020 has brought us all, one client defeated all the odds. Before being supported by BSS+ through Goodwill, this client was living at a homeless shelter. She then got in touch with her BSS+ Case Manager who was willing to help. This client was working very hard, balancing two jobs at the same time (even during COVID19)! However, she struggled to find housing due to her past evictions and rental history. All the client wanted was a second chance to show that she is ready to rent.

Together, she and her BSS+ Case Manager reached out to multiple apartments, striving for that glimmer of hope that someone would rent to her. After hearing many “No’s!” from different apartment complexes, the client finally heard a “Yes!” from a property willing to work with her. While the client paid for the application fee, BSS+ funding covered her security deposit and first month’s rent. As a team, the client and BSS+ Case Manager got the client stably housed!

As far as the client’s outlook on BSS+ goes, she says that her Case Manager was her favorite part of the BSS+ program. She also says that the case manager “really went to bat for me, calling around to different apartments trying to find ones that would accept my application.” The Case Manager adds, “It was a team effort between the two of us. I am so happy that BSS+ could help a client who is so hard-working and deserving of this assistance!” As far as the future goes, the client wants to “stay focused on keeping my job and housing, after working hard to make that happen.” A big thank you to BSS+ for helping so many people since 2005!