Featured Partner – Goodwill Central Texas

The Goodwill Central Texas BSS+ team received a referral for a mother who currently worked with Goodwill Workforce Advancement Programs to complete her Medical Assistant certification and externship hours. This client needed financial support, specifically rental assistance, while she completed her training to achieve her goal of starting a career in the healthcare field. Long term, she was planning for this career to provide financial and housing stability for her family. In addition, she wanted to build a career for herself allowing her to impact the community in a positive way.

The Goodwill team connected this client with a Housing Case Manager who helped the client create a Housing Stability Plan by asking the client about her goals and how financial assistance could allow her to achieve those goals. The client’s BSS+ Housing Case Manager worked with her on rental assistance to create a bridge of stability for this client and her family. Once she completed her externship and certification, the client received a job offer in the medical field. She now can achieve her long-term goals for financial stability. The Goodwill Central Texas BSS+ program is overjoyed to assist clients like this every day as they work to achieve their goals!