Featured Partner – Meals on Wheels Central Texas

Meals on Wheels Central Texas’ client is a former construction worker originally from Mexico. He was referred to Meals on Wheels Central Texas CARE Services for assistance with his Comprehensive Energy Assistance Program (CEAP) application. When the client’s case manager assisted with his application, she learned that, due to a recent car accident, he did not have transportation to and from his dialysis appointments. The case manager helped him enroll with Best Single Source (BSS+) Plus for rental assistance, so the client could use some of his savings toward car repairs.

After Winter Storm Uri hit in early 2021, the client informed his case manager that he did not have running water in his rental unit for more than 30 days. The storm damage also caused other issues in his apartment such as black mold. He was given notice to vacate the building due to City of Austin code violations.  His case manager and the BSS+ community housing specialist found safe and affordable new housing for the client. BSS+ assisted with the rental application fees, the deposit and his first few month’s rent. The program also helped him with new furniture, after all of his belongings had to be discarded due to a bedbug issue in the previous housing unit.

The client, who is now recovering from a recent kidney transplant, called his case manager recently to express his gratitude for all of the assistance and support offered to him through BSS+ and Meals on Wheels Central Texas.