Featured Partner – Vivent Health

BSS+ Helped Me and My Children Feel Safe Again

Vivent Health’s client was born with a chronic illness and has been receiving services with the partner agency for many years. During the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, the client was a victim of domestic violence assault and had to flee with her children. The household was registered in a hotel with the assistance of another program. This afforded the household the 2 months needed for the case manager to locate suitable housing that fit within housing program guidelines in which the client and her family were enrolled.

While the client and her children were temporarily staying at the hotel, Vivent Health housing staff coordinated with the client to secure a sustainable and safe apartment for the family. The Best Single Source Plus [BSS+] Program   assisted by covering the deposit and up-front move-in costs that the permanent supportive housing voucher does not cover.

With the help of BSS+, the client worked with the agency to provide safety and stability in her life and her children’s lives. The family moved into a much safer home where they continue to receive support through a Permanent Supportive Housing [PSH] program. The client is grateful for all the support and is thankful to everyone involved in providing BSS+ assistance.