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Sonia’s Success Story:

Sonia enrolled in the Best Single Source (BSS) program because she was struggling to make ends meet for herself and her four children. Through the introduction of BSS into her life, Sonia felt that she finally had the support to help her get on her feet. Unfortunately, tragedy struck when Sonia’s apartment unexpectedly caught on fire on Christmas Eve of 2021, leaving the family without a place to live. After the fire, Sonia felt like all hope was lost; she had to put her job on hold to search for a new home and take care of her children. During this difficult time, the BSS Program provided Sonia and her children with a hotel room to live in while she worked with her case manager to find a new apartment. Despite many obstacles, Sonia persevered through her hardships and successfully secured a permanent residence for her family. With the help of the BSS program, Sonia and her children are happily settled in their new home. Now that her family is in a stable environment, Sonia has resumed her job at Spanish Oaks Assisted Living.  Sonia strongly believes that the BSS program was essential to her success story—she feels that this program can benefit many families struggling in the Austin community, much like it did for her.