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Family Eldercare’s client is a mother, former program coordinator for environmental sciences, neighborhood planner for the City of Austin, fiscal officer for Jefferson Township, sales representative, and a former caregiver to her parents. Due to rental debt and inconsistency of temporary jobs, the client had experienced chronic homelessness and was in dire need of finding stable housing. Last year, the client visited another program and informed a staff member about her situation. The program staff member assisted the client with the coordinated assessment process and, afterward, the client was referred to Family Eldercare for assistance.

Once the client was determined to be eligible for the Best Single Source Plus (BSS+) program, Family Eldercare Rapid Rehousing staff helped the client establish goals, determine housing preferences (ex. fully equipped kitchen), and made progress towards locating housing. The BSS+ program assisted the client with both rental debt and move-in costs.

With BSS+ assistance, the client worked with the Family Eldercare staff to secure and maintain housing and establish financial stability. The client moved into housing, obtained a housing voucher, and received continuous support from the Family Eldercare staff. The client expressed her deep gratitude for the assistance she received through the BSS+ program.