Why do landlords like working with Best Single Source Plus?

Landlords gain many benefits from working with our program. Consider the following advantages:

  • Case Management. Clients participate in case management at their partner agency. Case managers and clients work on a housing stability plan that includes budgeting, employment search, and other life skills that prepare clients to be good tenants and maintain their housing.
  • Eliminate Advertising Costs. Working with our program gives you access to a pool of ready-to-rent tenants. Just call us up when you have a vacant unit, and we’ll work to quickly fill that unit.
  • Security Deposits. We have found that many low-income clients can afford the monthly rent, but have difficulty saving enough money for their security deposit. We can help clients, even with higher deposit amounts as requested due to bad rental history.
  • Rental Assistance. We have funds to help pay for client’s rent, rental debt and even application fees, plus security deposits. Clients that remain in our program for an extended period of time can receive rental assistance for up to several months.
  • Utility Assistance. To ensure that clients can pay their rent on time, we can assist with their utility payments, especially during those hot summer and cold weather months.
  • Housing Supports. Clients who have lost belongings due to unforeseen circumstances, can rely on us to provide them with basic household items such a warm bed and food, when needed. This leaves clients with more funds save for their rent payments.
  • Support Services. Some of our clients have special needs. Case managers work provide or help clients obtain access to mental health and other health care services. These crucial supports go a long way towards making sure clients can continue to work or access disability benefits, so that they can maintain housing.
  • Someone To Call. Despite the best efforts, problems are sometimes inevitable. When problems arise, it can be reassuring to know that there is someone to call. We care as much about our relationship with our landlords as we do our clients. Case managers are ready and willing to take your calls when issues need to be addressed with our clients.
  • Satisfaction from Helping Others. Everyone deserves a safe and affordable place to live. Some people make mistakes, but everyone deserves a second chance. By helping house our clients, you are playing an integral role not only in helping individuals take charge of their lives, but also in making your community a better place to live.